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This treatment is designed to revitalize your body, mind and spirit. It begins with a lymphatic treatment using a dry brush. This will stimulate your lymph system to help your body naturally clear out illness and toxins. It also lightly exfoliates your skin, brushing away dead skin cells making way for softer skin. Next comes a 30 minute restorative Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to assist in breaking up any muscular issues you may be having, as well as speed up the blood flow and help the lymph system to continue clearing illness and toxins. After the massage, you will melt into the table and enjoy a Reiki treatment. Reiki helps to balance the Chakras and clear out stagnant, negative energy or thoughts. In the final stage of this treatment we pay tribute to your biggest supporters. Your feet are wrapped in warm steamed towels for an invigorating, scented foot scrub handmade with organic olive oil, which is then followed by a 10 minute foot massage.  This completes this head to toe, body, mind and spirit treatment.  If possible, plan this treatment on a day reserved for rest so that you can enjoy the peace, pain relief and 

Regular  90 min  $150   |   Special  90 min  $130

Expires February 16, 2018

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