Meditation Mondays

1st Monday of Every Month | 7pm - 8pm | No Fee

@ Tune Up Massage Works

The first Monday of each month is guided meditation facilitated by Carmen White. 

To learn more about Carmen White, please visit:


  • This is a free event, hosted by Tune Up Massage Works and Carmen White. No one will have to worry about anyone attempting to sell them anything. Monday Meditation is only about practicing meditation with a group in a safe and calm environment.
  • This is not affiliated with any particular religion. People of all religious affiliations (or lack thereof) are welcome.
  • All levels are welcome.
  • Meditation cushions and chairs are available.

           You are welcome to bring your own meditation               pillow if you have one.

  • Please arrive 5-10 min early to settle in. Doors are closed 7pm (latecomers will not be able to come in) in an effort to minimize disruption.


  • Get your work-week off to a good start.
  • Practice with a group in a safe, quiet space.
  • Engage in a practice that decreases stress & anxiety & promotes mental clarity & balance.
  • Reinforces a consistent meditation practice.
  • Prepares you for a good night sleep.
  • Whether you meditate with us or at home we encourage your practice.


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