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Lauren Leisse, owner and operator, is a Clinical Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and an advocate for preventative and holistic care.  Tune Up Massage Works is the first step toward her dream of creating an all-encompassing wellness center. Over a decade ago she graduated from the SOMA Institute for Clinical Massage in Chicago and has been a massage therapist ever since.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from DePaul University, which paved the way for working with people with severe mental illness as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service Coordinator at various Psychiatric nursing homes throughout Chicago. She has also worked in a variety of well-known, award winning spas in both Chicago and San Francisco. Each and every experience has given Lauren a unique look into the body-mind connection and drives her commitment towards continued growth in her field. Lauren lives and works in Vallejo.

California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC)

Certification #19297

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Kryss Cote is a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and all-Organic Esthetician.  She strives to bring back the all-natural way of caring for our bodies and souls.   She is also a mom, who understands how daily stress and environmental toxins can tear us down. She's dedicated herself to holistic healing techniques and is passionate about her work, family and community. Kryss's services are fresh and innovative.  The Reiki Facial itself elevates the standard facial to a whole new level, as the mind, body and spirit are considered rather than body alone. She specializes in Yoga for all ages in an effort to light the world with positivity.  "By investing in our younger generations we can ensure the growth of love and light into our world." -Kryss Cote

To learn more about Kryss go to krysscote.com.

The Therapists: 

t u n e   u p   m a s s a g e   w o r k s
1212 Georgia Street, Vallejo, CA 94590

(707) 562-5630 
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Open Daily 9am-9pm
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Who's Who?

How It All Began

Quality massage therapy is hard to find. 

Break the bank at a luxury spa, where the therapist may or may not give you the treatment 
you expected for that rate...


Spend very little and gamble on your physical well being while you wonder, is this therapist certified and experienced?

We couldn’t find what we were looking for 
so we opened Tune Up Massage Works.

We specialize in clinical massage therapy

​& offer a variety of holistic care services.

The Space:


to provide services that relieve pain, improve range of motion and reduce stress
to make choosing a treatment simple
to be transparent with our pricing
to customize sessions to fit each individual’s needs
to be an advocate for preventative and holistic care, and our local community
to provide a safe space to heal for all 

to maintain an environment in which all are treated with dignity and respect

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